Common Registration

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We, at Logic Kicks as a tech company under the registered trade name of Sangamam Communications Pvt.Ltd. help you and your company give a boost, that jumpstart for the company to reach its place in the business. We provide you the choice of the registration that your company needs to run from its feet. Be it any kind, a Private Limited Company, a Public Limited Company, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), or even a Proprietorship, we got you covered to get it going with the least hassles that a company can ever have. With our best in the state company registration services in Kerala you need not worry once about your company being known in the business world. We have all the services that you can think of for your company that includes Incorporations, government registrations, and followed filings, Documentations, the Annual compliance, and the Accountings needed for your company

From the grounds of a start-up to the heights of the legal needs of an established business, you can have the hassle-free help from the best Company registration service in Kerala. No need to worry about the toils of all the paper works you have to dig through, as our expert team all over Kerala gives you and your company the right need and the right registration services that are available out there. We help your business get started in the manner that you desire and wish to run it. From the single application form to most of the registration formalities that follow your company leads our expert team will help you find the best registration solution that fits perfectly for your company needs and requirements. Our company Registration services in Kerala help yours getting registered with all the followed guidelines and help you start without any turmoil for you.